Isolation Rears Its Ugly Head #whycantwebefriends

I kid you not. Evs was crying about something, probably refusing a nap (we're at that lovely regression, needing mommy ALL the time phase) and there I stood just sobbing over her. I'm sure it was quite a sight. A sad state of affairs, let me tell you. I guess we were pretty desperate for some company. 

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Post Christmas Blues #NoMoneyMoProblems

Christmas gave us the gift of not worrying for a day. We were able to pretend the problem didn't exist. We woke up with many gifts under the tree for the kids, but we both knew the other person was just holding their breath. Amid all of the laughter and smiles, I wept inside because I couldn't get Mike a proper haul.

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Dark Side of the Mom - #MomGuilt

People used to tell me that once she was here, earth side & out of my warm, safe cocoon of a belly, that I would never be able to fathom how I ever did life without her. Four months later, if you were to ask me if this has proved to be true, I would tell you no

Cue the mom guilt. And right on cue with the mom guilt, enters an extra large side order of guilt's best friends; shame & embarrassment.

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